Who We Are

Washougal Songcraft Festival is a 501(c)3 registered charity in the State of Washington. Our EIN is 88-4198880.

Our mission is to promote arts education, to foster, share, and celebrate the craft of songwriting, and to develop the performing arts and creative community of Washougal, Washington and the surrounding region.


Washougal Songcraft Festival relies on donations from organizations and individuals. Thank you for your support!

  • Christopher and Stephanie Corbell
  • Kathy Huntington
  • Jim Warford
  • Mary Reed
  • Nicholas Langer
  • Raeann Phillips
  • Mark Soutter
  • Molly Coston
  • Christopher M Baxter
  • Margaret Gorman
  • Brian Wilde
  • Sadie Gregg
  • Matt Allen
  • Susan Warford
  • Janice Ferguson
  • Ronald C Reed
  • Melanie Poe
  • Melanie Sanders
  • Dale Dauenhauer Sr.
  • Beverly Corbell
  • Jim Cooper
  • Kind Heart Free Spirit Foundation
  • Tom Harris

You can add your name to this list by making a donation today!

In-kind Business Donors:

  • Jim Brunberg / Revolution Hall
  • 54-40 Brewing
  • The Moonshine

Board of Directors:

  • Christopher Corbell, President
  • Jim Warford, Vice-President
  • Mary Reed, Secretary
  • Dale Dauenhauer, Treasurer


  • Executive Director: Stephanie Corbell
  • Co-Artistic Directors: Christopher and Stephanie Corbell
  • Artist Liaison: Dale Dauenhauer

Washougal Songcraft Festival has no employees, relies on on volunteers and community support, with the majority of donations and proceeds going directly to compensate performing artists.