Washougal Venue Initiative

Washougal needs a performing arts venue!

Washougal, WA is a town of about 17,000 people, and yet we have no community theater or performing arts space. Downtown could be enlivened by live music, plays, movies, kid’s theater, and more.

Performing arts venues help establish a town’s cultural economy, create employment, and help other local businesses thrive. Every town deserves one!

Here are some of the regional towns with smaller populations than Washougal that all have performing arts venues or community theaters in their downtown areas:

Astoria, OR (pop. 16,841) Brookings, OR (pop. 6,837) Cannon Beach, OR (pop. 1,547)
Chewelah, WA (pop. 2,519) Cook, WA (pop. 180) Coos Bay, OR (pop. 15,907)
Coquille, OR (pop. 4,097) The Dalles, OR (pop. 16,043) Elgin, OR (pop. 1,694)
Hoquiam, WA (pop. 8,860) Hood River, OR (pop. 8,341) Kettle Falls, WA (pop. 1,650)
Langley, WA (pop. 1,150) Lincoln City, OR (pop. 9,979) Lynden, WA (pop. 16,048)
Metaline Falls, WA (pop. 292) Myrtle Creek, OR (pop. 3,501) Nehalem, OR (pop. 272)
Newport, OR (pop. 10,496) North Bend, OR (pop. 10,205) Omak, WA (pop. 1,694)
Pendleton, OR (pop. 16,841) Port Townsend, WA (pop. 10,306) Ridgefield, WA (pop. 12,514)
Sandy, OR (pop. 12,743) Sequim, WA (pop. 8,241) Soap Lake, WA (pop. 1,706)
Stayton, OR (pop. 8,203) Tillamook, OR (pop. 5,265) Woodland, WA (pop. 6,540)

How to Get Involved

Our Washougal Venue Initiative project seeks to connect community partners and resources to make a small downtown arts venue a reality. Washougal Songcraft Festival is developing a business plan to have a non-profit primary tentant with private investor ownership of the building, maximizing community individual, non-profit, and for-profit use of the facility.

If you live in Washougal or are interested in attending shows or presenting performing arts here, please consider answering our Washougal Performing Arts Survey.

As a 501(c)3 we are raising funds to be devoted to this new venue effort. Your donation is tax-deductible, and funds donated through this link will be reserved for this project: Donate to our Washougal Venue Initiative project.

We are also looking for other community partners. We especially want to hear from other arts groups and presenters, investors and local real estate owners, and volunteers for any aspect of this project (such as grant writing, theater design, legal services, light construction, and event volunteering). Please reach out via our Contact Page.

Together we will create a space for Washougal performing arts!